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Make 2018 your year to celebrate the dyspeptically funny !

   Over 200 hilarious, quirky, satirical, silly, shocking and chortle-out-loud pages, suitable for laugh marathons or for dipping into at your leisure.

   (Think "Quality Street", but without your dog staring at you as you unwrap the cellophane.)

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  • Snort with derision at my subversive Facebook Life Events!

  • Get an insider's peek at how I maximize my man-to-man quality time with Joe Mangan**lo!

  • Get ready for the week with your Existential Forecast (tip: avoid GAP “relaxed fit”)

  • Marvel at my Seasonal Update Newsletter from the year 1120!

  • Receive the first encyclical from Big Gay Pope David!

  • Practise your Trump knock-knock jokes with the man himself (or face waterboarding, your call)

  • Whip up an absolutely frightfully jolly cockroach hat for Ascot!

  • Hear Princess Happy's New Year's greetings before she hits the ice floe (try not to flap your wrists)

  • Endure... sorry, enjoy Masterclasses with photography guru David DeLaRoddis, The Guy With The Eye, Canada's #1 Adulte Terrible and insufferable photo superstar know-it-all!

... and lots more!


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